Ezekiel Emanuel

Answers to Questions

ANSWERS….to some of your questions from the comment threads: Why don’t we want people to take vouchers directly to doctors and hospitals? That is the notion of individual medical accounts. They completely undermine the notion of cross-subsidization and are very harmful to sick people. If we rely on catastrophic insurance we will suddenly see a… Read more »

Why Universal Healthcare Vouchers?

WHY UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE VOUCHERS?….I guess I am a bit perplexed by people’s reaction to the Universal Healthcare Voucher proposal. We offered this new idea for 3 reasons: 1) We don’t have universal coverage now. It is not as if the choice is between vouchers and universal coverage with single payer. The alternative is between a… Read more »

Bashing Health Plans

BASHING HEALTH PLANS….I agree with many people who hate their current insurance company. When we switched companies, every bill for my children in the first year was kicked back stating it was a pre-existing condition ? even when the problem was ear infections and the like which are clearly not pre-existing conditions. We all have… Read more »

Why single payer won’t work….Part 2

WHY SINGLE PAYER WON’T WORK….PART 2….You are right, on occasion we can get things like Social Security and Medicare. But remember how unique the circumstances were that got us those things ? not unique enough to get us universal single payer in over 80 years of trying. We got Social Security because of the depression…. Read more »

Why single payer won’t work

WHY SINGLE PAYER WON’T WORK….A lot of people seem to think we should just junk the current healthcare system, forget insurance companies, and implement a single payer system. There are many problems with this approach. The biggest is that it will never work in America. You may not like it ? you may like the… Read more »