Francis Wilkinson

Why the Right Loves Ben Carson

Phil Mattingly has an excellent profile of retired surgeon Ben Carson on Bloomberg Politics today. Carson’s overt forays into Republican presidential politics are compelling for several reasons, not least that he’s another in a string of utterly implausible candidates who generate great enthusiasm among the Republican base. Carson leads Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz… Read more »

The Triumph of the Democratic Party

With the midterm elections weeks away, the Democratic Party’s minority status in the House is virtually assured and its majority status in the Senate is in jeopardy. Democrats are anxious: “Democrats start to point fingers” is the kind of headline that accompanies a skid into the ditch. But don’t feel sorry for them. Look around…. Read more »

Democrats Swallow Clinton Fried Steak

I have seen the future of the Democratic Party and its name is Hillary Clinton. I believe that’s a true statement even if it lacks the electricity associated with a rock star. Clinton is in Des Moines today for Senator Tom Harkin’s 37th and apparently final steak fry. It’s a testament to Harkin’s Democratic soul… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Need You

Hillary Clinton doesn’t do chits. Clinton will be traveling this weekend to Iowa — a state far more special than yours — to attend Democratic Senator Tom Harkin’s fish fry. What’s most remarkable about the trip is how rare this kind of politicking is by someone who, by all accounts save her own, is a… Read more »