Fred Kaplan

Cold Comfort

It’s a thoughtful, provocative, well-written book–but, ultimately, muddled and unsatisfying. Beinart contends (correctly) that liberals need to put forth a “narrative” that defines America’s purpose at home and abroad on their terms. He further contends (less persuasively) that an ideal narrative lurks in the Democrats’ own past–specifically, in the “cold war liberalism” that dominated American… Read more »

Rolling Blunder

But the North Koreans had another route to nuclear weapons–a stash of radioactive fuel rods, taken a decade earlier from its nuclear power plant in Yongbyon. These rods could be processed into plutonium–and, from that, into A-bombs–not in years but in months. Thanks to an agreement brokered by the Clinton administration, the rods were locked… Read more »