Garance Franke-Ruta

WHY IT MATTERS. I’ve been exceptionally impressed with the quality of the comments on this blog over the past week, which have been wonderfully intelligent, thoughtful, and polite. One question that’s come up over and over, however, is why this topic mattered, or should matter, to those outside of elite media circles. Let me try… Read more »

THE POWER OF MARKET FORCES. Kevin e-mailed me to add to Massie’s point, below, noting that the local newcaster formula is almost always one male and one female anchor, partly because market forces demand it. I’d add that television and film both seem to demand greater gender parity than less visual media because the visual… Read more »

Amity in the U.K.

AMITY IN THE U.K….My friend Alex Massie of The Scotsman writes in to say that the Op-Ed pages in the U.K. are rather more open to women than their U.S. counterparts, but for structural as well as cultural reasons: British papers seem to have far more female columnists than their American counterparts. Upon some reflection… Read more »

Women in the Blogosphere: The Data

WOMEN IN THE BLOGOSPHERE: THE DATA…. MyDD has helpfully culled Henry Copeland’s blogads survey data for some demographic facts: Gender, Mean Age, Median Income Female Male Age Income All 24.5 75.5 41.4 $79.2K Dem 31.0 69.0 40.4 $77.3K Rep 19.3 80.7 44.5 $87.6K Ind 22.2 77.8 41.5 $74.0K Lib 13.4 86.6 38.1 $83.6K Green 26.0… Read more »

The Broader Problem

THE BROADER PROBLEM….Thanks to Katha and Amy for starting this off. I think I agree with just about everything that Katha said, and appreciate how forthright she has been (as always!). I also want to thank Kevin for pushing this story forward. I have a fair bit to say on this topic, but wanted to… Read more »