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The Stealth Candidate Attacks Boehner on China, Goes After the Money

By Richard Cummings Speaker of the House John Boehner is selling out America to help out a major contributor and Presidential candidate Charles “Buddy” Roemer is steamed up about it. Roemer, 68, criticizes Boehner’s attack on the Senate bill calling China “dangerous” (“Dangerous for whom?” he asks) and points out that Boehner’s leading contributor ($50,000… Read more »

How an Earthquake in Japan Stole a Country’s Identity

By David Volodzko In 1994 rioting broke out in Vancouver after the New York Rangers defeated the Vancouver Canucks in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. The New York Times reported “as many as 500 officers…equipped with riot gear and using large doses of tear gas, battled into the early morning.” According to CBC… Read more »

The New Normal

By Stephanie Friedberg In April 2004, Brandon Mayfield and his wife suspected that a stranger had been in their house. The signs of intrusion were subtle but unsettling — doors normally left unlocked were bolted and their carpet was freshly vacuumed. When Brandon was arrested a month later under a material witness warrant, the Mayfields… Read more »

Politics of the House Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling

By Sarah Binder Just a few observations about Monday night’s passage of the deficit deal in the House: 1.   Any immediate risk to John Boehner’s speakership has been allayed.  Boehner managed to win the support of nearly three-quarters of the House Republican majority.   Similar to the dynamic in the April budget deal, the fabled “majority… Read more »

War, Guilt and ‘Thank You for Your Service’

By Elizabeth Samet Watch a 1940s or 1950s movie set in New York City — noir, comedy or melodrama — and you are sure to spot him: straphanging on a crowded subway car, buying a newspaper at a kiosk or sitting in a coffee shop. The anonymous man in uniform is a stock extra in… Read more »