Guest Author

Senator Hatch and the Club for Growth

By Sarah Binder A reporter asked me yesterday about Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)’s effort to forestall a challenge from his right at the Utah Republicans’ state party convention next year.  (Is it still called being “primaried” if you might first be “conventioned”?  Former Senator Robert Bennett to the white courtesy phone, please.)  I see that… Read more »

“The Edge” vs. the California Coastal Commission

By Matthew Kahn Malibu has some nice coastal property and the rich want to live it up on their private property but the state’s Coastal Commission wields some power. Do you feel sorry for The Edge? To quote the article; “The proposal led by the musician, whose real name is David Evans, called for five… Read more »

Starve the Beast and Defeat Obama in 2012?

By Matthew Kahn Do the Republicans believe in Keynesian economics? As I read this piece , it crossed my mind that the Republicans may have read Keynes and now seek sharp budget cuts because they believe that this will reduce aggregate demand in the short run, raise unemployment and hurt Obama’s re-election prospects. The budget… Read more »

Who Is the GOP’s Most Electable Candidate?

By Daniel Hopkins Well, I sure don’t know.  But thanks to the wonders of conditional probability and the data coming from prediction markets like Intrade, we can calculate those markets’ implied answer.  Intrade markets separately give us the probability that a candidate will win his or her party’s nomination and that he or she will… Read more »