Hans Noel

Remembering Philip Converse

Just two weeks after Maurice Duverger passed away, a second giant of political science, Philip Converse, died, on Dec 30. During his three-decade career, Converse authored foundational works across political behavior. But for me, he would be a giant with only one article. In 1964, Converse published The Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics… Read more »

No One Election Should Be Interpreted in Isolation

Commentators: Nov. 5, 2014: “Republicans win! Democrats are doomed! Obama failed! It’s Red America!” Nov. 7, 2012: “Democrats win! Republicans are doomed! Romney’s 47 percent misstep! Latino voters!” Nov. 3, 2010: “Republicans win! Democrats are doomed! Obama overreached! Tea Party!” Nov. 5, 2008: “Democrats win! Republicans are doomed! Palin was a joke! Realignment!” Nov. 8,… Read more »

Polystate: A Not-So-Bad Book About a Very Bad Idea

If you’re a reader of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, you may have noticed that its creator, Zach Weinersmith (or just Weiner; it’s complicated), recently wrote a book about a new form of government: Polystate. (If you’re not a reader of SMBC, well, you should be.) Since Weinersmith’s comic is so clever, I thought the book… Read more »

Activism in a World of Polarized Parties

I recently gave an interview (see here or here) to Evan Juska of The Climate Group, an environmental activist organization concerned about climate change. They were interested in the implications of my book for climate change politics. First, although I’m sure they could do better than to focus on my work, it’s fun to see… Read more »

What Kind of Genes Did William Jennings Bryan Have?

FREE COUNTDOWN WIDGET Larry Bartels has a nice discussion of genopolitics research over at The Monkey Cage today. In it, he contrasts my new book “Political Ideologies and Political Parties in America” with the genopolitics research agenda. In light of that, I thought I’d mention what I say in the book about genopolitics. There is… Read more »