Hans Noel

What Is Tenure For?

Rob Jenkins has an interesting piece at the Chronicle of Higher Ed on whether blog posts ought to count more for tenure. I’m a big fan of academic blogs, and I think outlets like The Monkey Cage and all the others linked to the right are important for disseminating knowledge. But blogs are not peer-reviewed,… Read more »

Is the American Political System Really Healthy?

Raise your hand if you think the American political system is healthy. I thought so. Once again, there is an effort to defund political science, this time from Sen. Tom Coburn. Sen. Coburn’s letter to the head of the NSF on behalf of that effort says the following: “Studies of presidential executive power and Americans’ attitudes… Read more »

Are Political Parties Really About Policy at All?

Greg Koger’s excellent post on the Hastert “guideline” raises a point of disagreement among parties scholars. One that we should make explicit. Greg goes to great lengths to say that “policy outcomes are secondary to the true goals of political parties”– winning elections. Greg’s position is also taken by Anthony Downs, John Aldrich and others…. Read more »

Rand Paul and Ideology vs. Partisanship

How would you characterize the folks who oppose the U.S. drone program? If you didn’t know it already, after 11-plus hours of Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster, you now know you’d have to say libertarian conservatives, worried about an unaccountable Obama. And yet you’d also have to say anti-war liberals and other progressives, also worried about an… Read more »