Hans Noel

Copyright Reform, Right and Left

Matt Yglesias asks me what I think about any likely partisan division over copyright reform. The claim, made by Joe Karaganis at NRO (semi-gated) and echoed by Jerry Brito, is that the Republicans could be leading the fight for copyright reform because even though both parties have constituencies on both sides, the conservative pro-reform position… Read more »

Policy Windows and Gun Control

Since the tragic shooting in Newtown, we’ve heard a lot of policy proposals. We’ve also heard from people saying we should just slow down and not have a policy discussion while the nation is grieving. I don’t know what the right way to grieve is, but I do know that those saying we should slow down… Read more »

Vote for the D or the R

Tomorrow is Election Day. I have three last minute messages for you. First, vote. If you haven’t voted already, go vote. It’s probably not rational, but how many of the things that you do really are? Second, vote for a major party candidate. Vote for the Democrat or vote for the Republican. Don’t vote for… Read more »

Obama to Regulate Satire Industry; GOP Calls Move Job Killer

In the wake of a series of satirical articles being mistaken for the real news, President Obama took steps today to regulate the satire industry. House Republicans immediately painted the move as socialism that would cripple job creators. The White House announced the Let America Understand Genuine Humor Act, which will require, among other things,… Read more »

The Person Is Not More Important than the Party

This week, Michael Charney, a moderate Republican, floated the idea that Romney’s attitude toward the 47% who pay no federal income tax perhaps indicates that the Republican nominee is not up to the task of running the country. And so Charney now says he is rethinking his vote in 2012: Just to be clear: That… Read more »