Harold Pollack

Do You Live in a Bubble?

Charles Murray made waves with his “Do you live in a bubble” quiz, which made the News Hour. I scored poorly on the test. I got something like a 27. Although Vincent and I are frequent Applebee’s customers, I apparently lack sufficient expertise regarding the real America–that is the world of rural working-class white folk who drive… Read more »

Hope is the Thing With Feathers

Sometimes you have to step back and just savor the moment. #BirdieSanders is a female House Finch. Learn more about this bird: https://t.co/uTltjNJgb2 pic.twitter.com/CfDc0RMiTe — Audubon Society (@audubonsociety) March 26, 2016 2016 has already been a long and tough election season. It’s had more than its share of scary and awful, particularly on the Republican… Read more »

Should ACA Provide Health Coverage to Undocumented Immigrants?

Chelsea Clinton recently suggested that undocumented immigrants gain access to (unsubsidized coverage). Predictably, she drove the social media world nuts. Do you believe that Hillary Clinton now wants Obamacare for illegal immigrants? She should spend more time taking care of our great Vets! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 19, 2016 On the merits, it’s… Read more »

Senator Al Franken on the Supreme Court Matter

This pretty much speaks for itself. One of many money quotes: “The president has a four-year term,” said Franken. “Scientists tell us that there are approximately ten months left in his term.” “But then I hear colleagues from the other side saying: ‘Well you know what, if the election goes the wrong way, I’d be… Read more »