Harold Pollack

Suburbanization of Poverty

My University of Chicago SSA colleague Scott Allard has written a nice book called Out of Reach. It concerns the changing relationships between place and poverty, and the increasing suburbanization of poverty. He gave a nice interview on CSPAN Book TV. More here. This is a critical issues in areas such as, well, where I… Read more »

One Candidate’s Progressive Economic Plan

In response to economic pain in the heartland, which candidate proposed: …support for a federal job training program, safeguards for collective bargaining, a higher minimum wage, and better protection for people who lost their jobs or could not afford adequate medical care.** Which candidate’s record included: EDUCATION…established a new university, 14 junior colleges, 15 trade… Read more »

Medical Access: An Audit

As I prepared to leave on holiday, the New York Times included a story by Robert Pear with the scary headline “U.S. plans stealth survey on access to doctors.” As Pear described, the National Opinion Research Center here at the University of Chicago had signed a $347,000 contract with the Department of Health and Human… Read more »

“I’m a Climate Scientist”

Australian climate scientists rap–the clean version. You read me right: the clean version. Not super clean either. It’s not clear this would meet Tipper’s approval. But I bet Al likes it anyway. [Cross-posted at The Reality-Based Community]