Harold Pollack

Dr. Quentin Young, RIP

I am sad to report the passing of Dr. Quentin Young, age 93. Dr. Young was a fixture in Chicago and in Hyde Park. He was physician to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to a rising politician named Barack Obama, Mike Royko, Studs Terkel, and to many others in Chicago’s progressive community. He was, for decades,… Read more »

Community Policing and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Pardon this rather prosaic post on an important subject. Increasing numbers of police officers and others in criminal justice have gotten the memo that the field must do a better job addressing individuals in mental health crisis. Men and women living with intellectual and developmental disabilities sometimes experience behavioral behavioral crises that bring them into… Read more »

Should You Worry About Stock Market and Housing Bubbles?

Stock market bubbles….basically no. Just save more for the long-run. But housing market run-ups are another matter…. I don’t believe ordinary investors should spend much time wondering if the stock market is overvalued. I’m more cautious when it comes to housing, because a fall in your local housing market can do you greater and more… Read more »

In Victory, Magnanimity

My take on today’s events. @HillaryClinton will easily win nomination. So important for Clinton folks to respect+embrace @BernieSanders folk, in many ways Dem future. — Harold Pollack (@haroldpollack) February 20, 2016 Time for Clinton campaign to turn most of its firepower on the Republicans and to help Democrats down-ticket who will really matter in November…. Read more »