Harold Pollack

Yes, Medical Specialists Avoid Treating Poor Children

Today’s New England Journal of Medicine includes a nice audit study by Joanna Bisgaier and Karin Rhodes conducted here in Cook County. Between January and May 2010, research assistants called a stratified random sample outpatient medical specialty clinics. The calls followed a standard script. Each of these clinics received two phone calls, one month apart,… Read more »

Fright Doctors – The Vaccine-Autism Controversy

My essay on the vaccine-autism controversy came out today in Democracy. If you don’t read Democracy, you should. The list of luminaries on the masthead is quite impressive. I’m grateful to Michael Tomasky and Elbert Ventura for the opportunity to publish in such a terrific place, and for the careful editing. I’m quite concerned about… Read more »

Medicare Saves Money. That’s the Problem.

Paul Krugman notes in today’s Times that Medicare is cheaper than private insurance. He draws upon a nice column by Austin Frakt and Aaron Carroll, which in turn draws on an impressive line of research by McWilliams, Meara, and colleagues to document that delaying Medicare eligibility is bad for health, and may increase costs, too…. Read more »

Housing Regulations: Easy Credit Is Not Real Assistance

Kevin Drum and Ezra Klein have pieces today on the financial industry’s opposition to new mortgage regulations, in particular, opposition to provisions that would require mortgage originators to retain five percent interest in loans in which (to roughly summarize) the borrower does not make a 20 percent down-payment, or loans which amount to more than… Read more »

Real Health Care Reform vs. Bullet Points

David Brooks has just published a column modestly titled “where wisdom lives,” which evenhandedly considers both parties’ approaches to health reform. In his usual lighthearted fashion, Brooks ultimately concludes that Republicans are basically right about the big stuff, and that Democrats are overly wedded to technocratic, big-government solutions. Read the column. Then read Jonathan’s Cohn’s… Read more »