Heather Hurlburt

Ask One for the Gipper

It’s hard to imagine what Ronald Reagan would make of the GOP presidential contenders who will gather to debate at his presidential library next Wednesday. One imagines he would admire Michele Bachmann’s debate and media savvy, and Rick Perry’s campaign and people skills. On his record, though, things are a bit more complex. Reagan famously… Read more »

Everything but war made the difference

Bosnia and Kosovo, where conflicts were followed by free elections and newly-democratic structures of governance, overseen by U.S. soldiers and international funding at much higher per capita rates than in Iraq. Popular democracies there should have spread calm to troubled neighbors Serbia and Macedonia; Liberia, which by now should be exporting high-quality democracy to Sierra… Read more »

War Torn

Why Democrats Can’t Think Straight About National Security.

War Torn

Late in 2000, with one eye on the presidential campaign and the other on history, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger called a group of staffers into his office. He wanted to give a major speech laying out the essence of the Clinton administration’s national security doctrine and the challenge of transformation that lay ahead. We… Read more »