Cloture Votes

Cloture Votes Yesterday, Sen. Durbin said this about Senate Democrats and the filibuster: “If they will stick with us on the procedural votes, we at least know that we can move forward,” he said of his Democratic colleagues. “They may vote against final passage on a bill, they may vote with Republicans on an amendment…. Read more »

A Question For Megan McArdle

A Question For Megan McArdle Megan McArdle responds to my last post: “Surely the point of worry is that many millions of people will be forced into the public system, because its existence will encourage their employers to dump their health care plans. Since private systems have so far found it virtually impossible to deny… Read more »

The Ice Floes Are Crowded

The Ice Floes Are Crowded There’s one piece of persistent dishonesty in the debate over health care that I would like to see vanish once and for all. It concerns the word ‘rationing’. You can use it in several ways. On the one hand, it can refer to any process that determines who gets some… Read more »

Filling Out Forms

Filling Out Forms Queen Emily, who is guestblogging at Feministe, hates forms. Why? Because while “my birth certificate says I am male, my gender presentation is female. They do not match. Until I can afford expensive genital surgery, I cannot change the marker on my birth certificate.” If you’ve never had to think about exactly… Read more »

Good News

Good News From MSNBC: “Around Washington and Wall Street they have come to be known as TBTF — too big to fail. It’s not just size, though. These companies are so far-flung, so intertwined and so precariously leveraged that a single one’s collapse can create systemwide tremors that imperil the finances of millions of Americans…. Read more »