Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson

Back to the Center?

Back to the Center?….Kevin asks: How long do you think this can last before the center finally pulls back? Or has American politics changed so fundamentally that it will stay off center forever unless Democrats adopt tactics similar to Republicans’? In other words, what’s your best guess: do Democrats need to fight fire with fire?… Read more »

The Mystery Graph

The Mystery Graph….We have put up a short post on TPMCafe explaining how we produced the figure on p. 27 of Off Center (the figure is reproduced by Kevin here) which shows that Republican activists — always farther from independent voters on a liberal-conservative scale than Democratic activists — have moved even farther away in… Read more »

What about 9/11?

What about 9/11? Having read the comments thus far — and let us say right away that this is a very, very sharp crowd — we’ve decided that three issues require immediate elaboration: the role of 9/11, our definition of the center, and the prospects for a big reversal in the near future. In this… Read more »

Why is American Politics Off Center?

Why is American Politics Off Center? We are very grateful to Kevin for offering this chance to discuss the current state of American politics. It?s gratifying that astute political analysts like Kevin, Chris Hayes, Henry Farrell, Mark Schmitt, Mathew Yglesias, and Paul Krugman (who has a column discussing our book in today?s Times) find our… Read more »