Jacob Hacker

The Final Word

The Emerging Health Care Debate…This will be my last post on the “Great Risk Shift,” and I want to thank Kevin and all of you for having me. In a sign, I believe, of a major emerging debate, USA Today and ABC News have teamed up to run an entire week of stories on the… Read more »

Providing Security to Expand Opportunity

Democrats need a clearer and more forward-looking economic vision, and I argue that they should embrace a vision that combines a commitment to economic security with a faith in economic opportunity. This vision?which I call an ?insurance and opportunity society??is starkly opposed to the ideal of an ?ownership society? outlined by conservative critics of the… Read more »

A Novel Solution to the Great Risk Shift

I’m going to be writing about what can be done to counter the growing economic insecurity of American families later today. But I just discovered an idea I hadn’t thought of — on p. 18 of today’s Times. Just Asking to Be Caught, Thief Solves Joblessness THE ASSOCIATED PRESS October 13, 2006 COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct…. Read more »

The Risk-Reward Tradeoff

Al asks a good question in the comments (well, he presents it as a statement of fact, but I will take it as a question): Is increased risk just the flipside of the increased returns of our economy? Don’t we have to take risks to achieve rewards, and won’t providing security prevent that? Al’s not… Read more »

A Simple Plan

As a downpayment on the positive agenda I promised in my last post, I wanted to note that I laid out one proposal — universal health care through a new approach that builds on the best elements of our current system — yesterday in Slate. (I take no responsibility for the graphic, or the smarmy… Read more »