Jacob Hacker

Leveling the Playing Field of American Politics

Anyone who’s watched the GOP meltdown cannot fail to be impressed by the lack of underlying public sympathy for the party that’s successfully held Congress for the past twelve years. That’s no surprise: Republicans have governed substantially to the right of the center of public opinion. Instead of appealing to the moderate middle — which,… Read more »

What is “The Great Risk Shift”?

WHAT IS “THE GREAT RISK SHIFT”?….I can see that my last post stirred up as much dissent as assent, and I think I understand why. Criticizing the Democrats is frequently a set-up for mealy-mouthed centrism. But that?s not what I?m advocating. Instead, I want the Democrats to return their roots, so to speak?reclaiming their voice… Read more »

The Challenge — and Opportunity — for Democrats

Let me begin by thanking Kevin for having me back. I?m looking forward to another great week. I want to start by linking the subject of my last guest appearance (with my coauthor and friend Paul Pierson) to this one. In Off Center, Paul and I explained how the Republicans had managed to push through… Read more »