James Warren

Big Fish Story

If Raines was watching, he came in presumably after a tranquil day of fly fishing, his passion, and presumably with no great surprise, given his obvious understanding of newspaper culture. In his latest rumination on life and journalism, The One that Got Away, Raines writes of how so many of us newspaper folks fall in… Read more »

What Ailes Us

Brock was a self-acknowledged journalistic butcher who plied his falsehood-filled trade at the Heritage Foundation, The Washington Times and The American Spectator, gaining notoriety for sliming Bill Clinton in the fabled “troopergate” opus for the Spectator and in a book trashing Anita Hill, the critic of Clarence Thomas’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. His… Read more »

Paper Boy

That both would talk to Auletta is no surprise since the reporter’s Larry King aplomb in drawing A-listers into his interrogations is the hallmark of an author’s effective, unthreatening modus operandi which, (and I speak having submitted to it myself), appears to have been learned at the Brian Lamb School of Interrogation. Diligence and a… Read more »