James Wimberley

Don’t Waste My Time with Climate Science Confirmation

You won’t read this to the end. All it offers is confirmation of things I’ve said already. The System 1 Energizer Bunny processor in your brain – or more classically, the Hare – that runs most of your decisions using strong priors and dodgy rules of thumb already made your mind up for you on… Read more »

The Value of Solar

The pricing of distributed solar energy has become the object of fierce struggles: not only in Arizona and Nevada, but in previously generous Germany and Britain. Utilities in US states claim that solar households enjoying net metering are getting a free ride from their unpaneled neighbours – they will still rely on the grid in… Read more »

The Great Inflection?

John Quiggin has a piece up reporting that the world passed Peak Paper in 2013. [Update 22/2: updated version on his blog.] World consumption is now falling. Later than enthusiasts predicted, the shift from paper to electronic communication has finally started to happen. In many workplaces and homes, paper copies are becoming afterthoughts for archives,… Read more »

Tweeting the Death of Coal

Has a tweet made history before? Piyush Goyal is India’s Minister of Energy. To recap. India’s current electricity policy is based on high projections of demand, which is fair enough as 400 million Indians have no electricity at all. The policy on renewables and coal is is “both of the above”. The official coal target… Read more »

Is Dematerialisation Happening in Rich Countries?

At the end of the great midwinter potlatch, who does not feel a little sympathy with Pope Francis‘ diatribe against consumerism, even with Savonarala’s bonfire of the vanities in 1497 Florence? We are trapped less by our selfish greed, but by the very ancient norms of gift exchange. These were vital to the survival of… Read more »