Jamie Malanowski

Jeffrey Ressner Dies at 56

I am terribly sad to hear about the death of my friend Jeff Ressner. He was a very good reporter-enterprising, dependable, resourceful, hard-working, smart. A Time editor once compared Jeff to Jerry Rice-“Just throw him the ball, and he runs with it.” He was equally comfortable covering business and entertainment. When I was editing Time‘s… Read more »

The Early Blurbs

There is in publishing the fine old tradition of blurbing, in which the author of a book, and/or his agent and/or his editor, contact certain friends and associates who might be predisposed to like a new book, and to ask them to read the book and, if they like it, to write a short statement… Read more »

The Ignorance of Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint, the radical right-wing former senator from South Carolina and current Heritage Foundation head appeared on a program called “Vocal Point with Jerry Newcombe of Truth In Action Ministries” in early April, where he insisted that “no liberal is going to win a debate that big government freed the slaves.” Instead, DeMint credited the… Read more »

Rush to Judgment

Yesterday, noted cineaste Rush Limbaugh offered some ex post facto commentary on the selection of 12 Years a Slave as Best Picture. “There’s no way that movie was not going to win!’’ said Limbaugh. “If it was the only thing that movie won, it was going to win Best Picture. There was no way —… Read more »