Jeffrey Goldberg

Why a Missile Strike on Syria Could Make Things Worse

So what exactly is the most telegraphed missile strike in history meant to achieve? Such a strike — now in the works at the White House — clearly isn’t meant to speed regime change in Syria, where the government killed more than 1,300 people using chemical weapons last week, according to opposition groups. There’s no… Read more »

What Obama Misunderstands About Egypt

Yesterday morning, President Barack Obama condemned the Egyptian military’s slaughter of Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers, and canceled joint military exercises scheduled for next month. He said that the violence should stop and that “a process of national reconciliation should begin.” What the White House fails to understand is that the Egyptian military has very… Read more »

Israel Faces Deepening Isolation, Kerry Warns

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace mission to the Middle East is semi-quixotic, if not wholly quixotic. I doubt he’ll reach his goal of negotiating a final-status agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The two sides haven’t even agreed yet to the topics they’ll discuss in negotiations. But we should give Kerry this:… Read more »

Warning to Americans: Be Afraid, Very Afraid

It seems as if al-Qaeda, or its Arabian Peninsula branch, has succeeded in terrorizing the United States of America again, but this time without – as of this writing – detonating an ounce of C4. It doesn’t strike me as a wise idea to preemptively shutter 21 different American embassies across the Middle East and… Read more »

Ayatollah Takes to Twitter, Paranoia Ensues

Finally, a reason to believe that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s energetic intervention in the Israeli-Arab dispute might work: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran (I can never get over the fact that this is his actual title) is a bit worried — so worried that he, or one of his fundamentalist… Read more »