Jeffrey Goldberg

Good Riddance to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Fake Democrats

A few months ago, King Abdullah II of Jordan told me about his meetings with Mohamed Mursi, the now-deposed president of Egypt. The king wasn’t fond of Mursi, both because the Egyptian was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and because Abdullah found Mursi exceedingly stupid. “I see a Muslim Brotherhood crescent developing in Egypt… Read more »

How Did the U.S. Lose the Egyptian People?

So here’s a question that’s nagging at me as we watch millions of Egyptians express their loathing for Mohamed Mursi, their hapless, power-grabbing president, and for his Muslim Brotherhood movement: How exactly did the U.S. come to be seen by Egyptian secularists and liberals as the handmaiden of a cultish fundamentalist political party whose motto… Read more »

John Kerry’s Bid for Mideast Peace Is Doomed

It’s a testament to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s grit, determination and self-assurance that he refuses to give up in his quest to bring Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table. But I wish that he would, during the long slog toward renewed talks, ask himself one question: Why didn’t his predecessor, Hillary… Read more »

Is Cory Booker Too Jewish to Be Senator?

The question before the voters of New Jersey is a simple one: Is Newark Mayor Cory Booker too Jewish to be a U.S. senator? I bet you didn’t know that this was even a question. Before I provide the answer, here’s a story about Booker, who is the favorite to win the Democratic nomination —… Read more »

In Boston Attack, the Best Response Is Resiliency

Ten years ago, a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated himself at a cafe in the German Colony neighborhood of Jerusalem. Seven people were killed, including David Applebaum, an American-born emergency-room doctor who had treated countless victims of previous attacks. Applebaum was visiting the cafe, called Cafe Hillel, that evening with his daughter Nava, who was to… Read more »