Jennifer Victor

Congress’s Failure on Appropriations Means More Restrictions on Political Science Funding

Yesterday the Consortium of Social Science Associations reported that “It is now certain that Congress will enact a Continuing Resolution.” This marks four years in a row that Congress has failed to fund government through appropriations bills. COSSA also reports, “This means that the Coburn Amendment restricting the National Science Foundation’s Political Science program will… Read more »

Battles in the War on (Social) Science

Rick Wilson has written an articulate essay on the value of public funding for the sciences.  It’s been well reported, here and elsewhere, that political science has come under attack from the frequent subjects of its study–Congress.  Congress has already restricted National Science Foundation funding to only political science research that promotes “national security or… Read more »

Political Science 101: How to Get Your Research Grant Back

Of all the sciences to be subject to congressional restrictions on what research can and can’t be funded by the National Science Foundation, congress, with its recent decision to defund political science research at the NSF, may have chosen the worst possible science to pick on. It turns out we’ve dedicated significant research attention over… Read more »