Jesse Singal

How Many Rapes Go Unreported in India?

That’s been the question on my mind as I’ve read about the tragic news from India. The Times reports that “India, which has more than 1.3 billion people, recorded 24,000 cases of rape last year, a figure that has increased by 25 percent in the past six years.” That’s a staggeringly low number, when you… Read more »

It’s the Unemployment, Stupid

You should check out Joe Wiesenthal’s chart-jammed Business Insider piece arguing that there is only one way to fix the deficit, but it’s “painless”—increase growth by reducing unemployment. I liked his take on the psychology of “pain,” a word we have heard a lot of in the recent, seemingly endless negotiations/grandstanding exhibitions: It’s understandable why… Read more »

State of Play

Sahil Kapur’s rundown of the current situation in the fiscal cliff impasse/embarrassment is a very useful guide to the politics of the situation. The short version is (still) that Obama has all the leverage. (There are millions of cynical Democrats, of course, who are waiting for him to squander it.) Also worth a look is… Read more »

Wait, This is a Thing?

You know that genre of righteous anger where what immediately follows is shame that you were naive enough to get angry about the thing in question, that you weren’t jaded enough to understand that That’s Just How The World Is? I got a serious wave of that when I read this Times editorial about gun… Read more »