Jesse Singal

Rice, Kerry, and the Appointment Fight

In The Boston Globe, Robert Kuttner argues that John Kerry shouldn’t be nominated as secretary of state or defense. Doing so, he says, would legitimize baseless Republican attacks on UN ambassador Susan Rice, Obama’s top choice for one of the posts, who the GOP has been raking over the coals for Sunday talk show appearances… Read more »

Grover Norquist’s Fascinating Theory

Grover Norquist, despite what some might construe as recent evidence to the contrary, is nothing if not bullish on the future of his brand of radical anti-tax ideology: “We are about to have a Tea Party second wave that will dwarf the first wave and that is because while ‘spend too much’ brought the Tea… Read more »

Item #234432 in the “Silver Was Right” File

If, like me, you can’t get enough of people who are less intelligent than Nate Silver getting their comeuppance after sternly lecturing their audiences that Silver couldn’t possibly be correct in saying that the 2012 presidential race really wasn’t a tossup, TPM (via Bill Simmons’ “B.S. Report”) .

The Art of Strategic Feedback Solicitation

Marketing research can be pretty fascinating: In an experiment, subjects were divided into two groups and directed to replicate the preparation of an “award-winning smoothie.” All of the participants were set-up to fail with poor quality food processors. Half the group was made to feel the smoothie failure was their fault and the other half… Read more »

Dispatch from Ramallah

A month ago I was in Israel and Palestine with some classmates. As part of the final “policy workshop” we must complete to get out of here with our shiny MPAs (estimated wage premium: +$3/year), we’re preparing a report on whether or not the two-state solution is still viable, and, if it isn’t, what alternatives… Read more »