Jesse Singal

Your Move, Mr. President

There’s a good rundown in the Times of how young activists in the immigration reform movement—many of them undocumented immigrants themselves—helped get President Obama re-elected: Now, movement leaders say, it is payback time. When Congress last debated broad reform, in 2007, populist energy was on the side of those opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants. Angry… Read more »

Spoiling the Peace

Morning! Very good to be back at Political Animal after what felt like a lifetime away. Let’s start with the always-cheerful subject of Israeli-Palestinian relations — namely, Mahmoud Abbas’s trip to the U.N. and the subsequent upgrading of the Palestinians’ status there. Over at The Daily Beast, Daniel Levy adds a little context to the… Read more »

What a College Degree Means

I like Peter Cohan’s take on edX, the big collaboration between Harvard and MIT to put a bunch of college courses online: So if pricing is a market signal, what message is the free edX sending out to consumers and suppliers of higher education? To answer that, it’s worth pointing out that there are many… Read more »

Naivete, Entitlement, or Both?

I missed it when it went up a couple days ago, but Noam Scheiber had a great post about the relationship between Wall Street’s denizens and Obama. He pulls out this nugget from a piece in today’s Times Magazine: For the next hour, the [Wall Street] donors relayed to Messina what their friends had been… Read more »