Jesse Singal

A Suggestion from a Reader

“Jason Becker” on the issue of colleges lying to U.S. News: One has to wonder why USNews depends on this reporting for accuracy rather than going to the Integrated Post-secondary Education Data Set (, where this information already freely exists and is reported to the federal government each year. I think we’re far less likely… Read more »

A Major Online Failure in Illinois

By now, I’m sure you’ve already read Kevin Carey’s great piece on the threat online college courses could end up posing to traditional, brick-and-mortar institutions of higher education. Several times, in fact. Now, Inside Higher Ed has up a story that serves as an interesting followup to Kevin’s piece, and which is also very much… Read more »

What He Said

Missed the post at the time, but Matt Yglesias summed things up quite nicely on Wednesday: The underlying issue… is that there’s very little in the way of reliable information about the quality of undergraduate education in the United States. Our major schools get to select which students they admit, which means that when you’re… Read more »

The Latest in Financial Aid

U.S. News & World Report has up a helpful interview with Sandy Baum, a professor of economics at Skidmore College and special consultant to the College Board, who runs down the six most important recent developments in college financial aid. The second one is pretty big: Income-based repayment for federal student loans. As of July… Read more »