Jim Sleeper

The SCOTUS Should Reject Alabama’s Legislative Districts

With roughly 80% of Alabama whites voting Republican and 90% of African-Americans voting Democrat, it’s been easy for the state’s legislative leaders to deny they had any explicitly racial intent in compressing black voters into a few electoral districts and “whitening” the neighboring districts to elect more Republicans. Districting along party lines is the prerogative… Read more »

On Election Day, Let Texas Voters Tip Their Hats to Hong Kong

When Hong Kong students named their recent demonstrations for democratic elections “Occupy,” they reminded me not only of the Americans demonstrating for economic justice in 2012 but also of Beijing protesters who carried a “Goddess of Democracy” modeled on our Statue of Liberty across Tienanmen Square in 1989. Now that Texas and the conservative majority… Read more »

America Is Not Superman

As a stopped clock is right twice a day, the American pundits I criticized here in May and June — Leon Wieseltier, David Brooks, William Kristol – were right to warn that Vladimir Putin is a menace and that his Russia is evolving into a danger to liberal democracy. It doesn’t matter that Putin didn’t… Read more »

Why Business Schools Seeking More Business Won’t Help Business

Defending recent moves by the Harvard Business School and others to supplement highly interactive classroom teaching with the online showcasing of star professors to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide, Karl Ulrich, vice-dean for innovation at the Wharton School, asked the New York Times: “Would you rather watch Kenneth Branagh do ‘Henry V’ or see… Read more »

Race, Reparations, and the Need for a Universal Culture

As I read the much-ballyhooed debate between the writers Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jonathan Chait about race in America, followed by Coates’ magisterial case for reparations to African-Americans, I couldn’t help recalling my own observation to The Atlantic in 1997, that “it’s difficult to say anything about race that hasn’t been said before; difficult to say… Read more »