Johann Koehler

Weekend Film Recommendation: Locke

Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke, who steps from the construction site where he works into his BMW in the late evening as the film begins. This is the only time we will see Locke outside of his car for the duration of the film, and it is the only time we will see him in… Read more »

Weekend Film Recommendation: Exam Season

Preparing for this semester’s batch of final exams means that I will not be making a new film recommendation this week. Instead, I’m going to flag up my review from some years ago of Alan Bennett’s collaboration with Nicholas Hytner in The History Boys, which is about what happens when a few Yorkshire lads go stir-crazy prepping… Read more »

Weekend Film Recommendation: My Cousin Vinny

According to lawyers, there’s one film that consistently ranks among the top law-themed films of all time. It’s not hard to see why, when you have a rare narrative that portrays the lawyer as himself being the embattled underdog, who manages to overcome adversity and become the noble problem-solver and advocate for justice he was… Read more »

Weekend Film Recommendation: Cutie and the Boxer

This week’s movie recommendation doesn’t neatly qualify as a documentary — but then again, I struggle to call it anything else. Cutie and the Boxer, directed by Zachary Heinzerling, tells the story of the wedded Japanese avant-garde artists Ushio and Noriko Shinohara. The film intermittently departs from the traditional documentary format and veers toward something that more closely… Read more »

Weekend Film Recommendation: Insomnia

After commercial success with Memento in 2000, Christopher Nolan moved on to remake a Norwegian film that would cement his place as one of the great high-concept thriller directors in showbiz. In 2002, he released this weekend’s movie recommendation: Insomnia. Al Pacino plays Detective Will Dormer, a legendary detective of the LAPD. Dormer and his… Read more »