John Gravois

John Gravois is a senior features editor at Pacific Standard magazine. He was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 2010 to 2012. Previously, he worked as a senior editor on the Review section of The National in Abu Dhabi and as a staff reporter at The Chronicle of Higher Education. He began his career as a reporter at The Cambodia Daily, and is a graduate of Deep Springs college.

Shotguns on the Levee

My aunt Gloria was born in the summer of 1927 on the Westbank of the Mississipi River, in the little town of Edgard, Louisiana, about 30 miles upstream from New Orleans. But in the months leading up to her arrival, my grandparents worried she would be born elsewhere. The worst river flood in American history… Read more »

Humiliation Counterterrorism

The spate of Bin Laden home videos the White House released last week–which Jack Shafer over at Slate aptly calls “the putz videos“–show the Al Qaeda mastermind wearing a dyed beard and scrolling through TV channels looking for himself on the news. The obvious propaganda takeaway, in Shafer’s estimation, is that “Bin Laden had so… Read more »