John Patty

Rand Paul: Running for Office Requires Running an Office

Rand Paul’s campaign has faltered. So did Mitt Romney’s. Both faltered to some degree because of personnel/staffing problems (see here for Paul, here for Romney, and here for an article in June describing similar issues in Jeb Bush’s campaign). On the other side of the coin, and the aisle, I blogged a few months ago… Read more »

The Irony of Explanatory Power: It’s Not About Prediction, Stupid

President Obama was dealt a defeat by a bipartisan coalition in the House this week. Over 300 Democrats and Republicans voted against a proposal that joined “trade assistance” (TAA) with fast-track trade negotiation authority (TPA). The “usual way” this works, as many have pointed out, is that Democrats want TAA, which helps workers, and Republicans… Read more »

The Eight Year Itch?

I have no idea if this is a real quote from former president Bill Clinton, or if it is taken out of context, but it piqued my interest: “It’s hard for any party to hang on to the White House for 12 years, and it’s a long road. A thousand things could happen.” Is it… Read more »