Jon Marcus

College, Federal Financial Aid Increasingly Benefits the Rich

It’s not just colleges and universities that are shifting their financial aid from lower-income to higher-income students. Tuition tax credits and other tax breaks to offset the cost of higher education—nearly invisible federal government subsidies for families that send their kids to college—also disproportionally benefit more affluent Americans. So do tax-deductible savings plans and the… Read more »

Gallup Will Survey College Graduates’ Outcomes

In a new attempt to judge the value of a higher education against which any campus can measure itself, the Gallup research organization will poll graduates nationwide about their success and happiness. The survey, which will begin this week, will ask 30,000 graduates of four-year universities questions that can help determine whether or not their… Read more »

Humanities Majors: Doing Better than You Might Think

People who major in the humanities and social sciences don’t earn as much as their classmates in the physical and natural sciences, math, or engineering, but the gap is not as wide as has been portrayed. That’s the message of a new report from the Association of American Colleges and Universities, which represents liberal-arts colleges… Read more »

New Study Quantifies Impact of Ratings

Being named a top party school by the Princeton Review could cost a university an 8 to 9 percent decline in the percentage of out-of-state students who enroll. That’s among the conclusions of a new study that measures the impact on higher education of controversial annual college rankings. Being named one of the 25 best… Read more »