Jonathan Bernstein

Catch of the Day: Governors Have No Coattails

A Catch to my Bloomberg colleague Al Hunt for killing off an old political chestnut: the idea that winning statehouses will matter in the next presidential election. As he explains, it just doesn’t: Who wins the governorship matters a lot to citizens of Florida or Wisconsin and elsewhere, affecting important issues such as taxes and… Read more »

Dogs Not Barking: Special House Republican Edition

So the House Republicans never got around to filing the lawsuit against the president that they were all worked up about a few months ago (a bunch of people noticed; I recommend Kevin Drum’s look at it). Rather than try to speculate on why not, I’ll just present a special House version of my occasional… Read more »

Why Democrats Should Want a Clinton Challenger

The reason Democrats should be clamoring for a strong candidate to take on Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries isn’t Whitewater. It has nothing to do with the political baggage she has been carrying during her long public life. The issue has come up because of a fuss over a Harper’s cover story (gated, alas)… Read more »

Can We Expect a Republican Blowout?

Where are we on the Senate right now? Perhaps the biggest news over the last week is that Republican chances of holding at least 51 seats have gradually improved. Five of the six leading forecast methods now have the chances for a Republican majority at about two-thirds, while the sixth (from the political scientists at… Read more »

Surprise! Political Reporters Are Shallow

A catch to Kevin Drum for his analysis of why the national media clobbered Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrat who is challenging Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, for ducking a question about whether she voted for President Barack Obama. Why is the “neutral” news media going easier on some Republican Senate candidates who have ducked questions… Read more »