Jonathan Bernstein

Catch of the Day

I missed this yesterday, but it’s very good. Adam Serwer asks: Why is it, in our supposedly center-right country, conservatives seeking to dismantle the welfare state need to pretend they’re actually preserving it? I thought the American people were just a bunch of rugged individualists seeking to free themselves from the yoke of government assistance… Read more »

Was the Huck Winnowed?

Did Mike Huckabee drop out of the fight for the nomination because he lost? Or did he not enter that fight, because he chose not to? Why does it matter? Well, for academic research, it matters because if we want to discover how the process works and what causes some candidates to win and others… Read more »


You know the drill: the House is out this week, so it’s time to check on the progress of the “replace” part of the GOP pledge to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act. Most recent updates here and here; see also Jonathan Chait here. No surprises; I’m not going to bother to link this time,… Read more »

Huck Out — Who Remains?

So Mike Huckabee isn’t running for president in 2012. Not, to be sure, a huge surprise; unlike, say, Haley Barbour or even Sarah Palin, Huck never really acted much like a candidate this time around. But it’s a big deal, regardless, since he certainly would have been a serious contender if he got in. Quick… Read more »


Spencer Ackerman was right on the money yesterday, calling for a revival of the 9/11 Commission to document the hunt for bin Laden. Marcy Wheeler agrees. So does Andrew Sullivan. And Adam Serwer. Each of them adds interesting recommendations about the scope of what the commission should look at. My contribution is to remind everyone… Read more »