Jonathan Bernstein

Heroes of the Republic

I’ve said this before, but while I have no problem at all with recognizing the heroism and bravery of those who risk their lives for the United States of America, the people who get underappreciated at times like these are the politicians, other political leaders and actors, and other government workers. If you want a… Read more »

The House Republican Budget is a Fraud

The House Republican Budget is a fraud, pure and simple. Jonathan Cohn at The New Republic has run a great series this week on what the House Republican Budget (also known as the Ryan Budget) would actually do, outside of ending Medicare-as-we-know-it. The final segment is about the deficit, and Cohn is right that the… Read more »

What Politics Can Learn from Star Wars

I’m not going to pass on a good Star Wars thread — this one begun by the good folks at Overthinking It, who explore a good question: What’s the economic calculus behind the Empire’s tactic of A) building a Death Star, B) intimidating planets into submission with the threat of destruction, and C) actually carrying… Read more »