Jonathan Bernstein

Loving and Hating Obamacare With One Muddled Mind

E.J. Dionne has a nice column pointing out that while “Obamacare” remains unpopular, most of the provisions are well-liked, and thus Democrats should run on the issue. As regular readers know, I certainly agree that the individual components of reform are far more popular than reform overall. However, the column’s headline — “Obamacare has growing… Read more »

Catch of the Day: Who Believes in Crazy Conspiracy Theories?

A catch to Andrew Gelman for correcting an attempted but inaccurate catch by Alfred Moore, Joseph Parent and Joseph Uscinski, who thought they had caught Paul Krugman in an error on the always-fun topic of conspiracy theories. Not so! Here’s Krugman’s original assertion: Unlike the crazy conspiracy theories of the left — which do exist,… Read more »

Promises, Promises in Foreign Policy

Dan Drezner stuck a fascinating hypothesis about presidential politics down at the end of a post about foreign policy, and I want to highlight it because as far as I know no one has ever addressed this question. Here’s Drezner: This brings me to the final reason that I’m a bit more sanguine than Beinart… Read more »

Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Want a Shutdown

Oh, c’mon. I know we’re well into the campaign silly season, and I suppose that Republicans have earned what they’re getting today with their ill-considered government shutdown strategy last fall and other brinkmanship since taking the House majority in the 2010 elections, but reactions to Mitch McConnell’s latest comments are totally ridiculous. Here’s what the… Read more »

Hillary’s Wealth Won’t Matter

Yesterday, Annie Lowrey considered Hillary Clinton’s recent (and continuing) stumbles over her wealth. She concluded that none of this “Mitt Romney problem” will matter because Democrats have a proven rhetorical flourish on the subject — Lowrey suggested, “Yes, we’re really lucky. And I know first-hand that we don’t need a tax break for our millions… Read more »