Jonathan Bernstein

Killing Obamacare Even if It Hurts

I’ve been mostly staying out of the commentary on the court cases involving subsidies in Affordable Care Act exchanges, because I’m not a lawyer and statutory interpretation, I’d say, is one thing that really is best left to lawyers. However, questions about how laws are drafted, and how courts work, are a bit different, and… Read more »

Ted Cruz Renders Himself Impotent

Tailgunner Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator from Texas, has said he will put a hold on all State Department nominees because . . . oh, something to do with Israel, but I’ll leave you all to argue about that part elsewhere. Here, we’re all about Senate procedure, so the question is: What kind of threat… Read more »

They’re Not Harry Reid’s Judges

Mind if I get a little cranky? I’ve been reading commentary, from both liberal and conservative perspectives, that explains the presence of a Democratic majority on the full D.C. Circuit Court as a result of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision last year to “go nuclear” on the Senate filibuster, imposing simple-majority cloture. That’s not… Read more »

Chuck Schumer Gets Primaries All Wrong

In an op-ed today endorsing the California two-two primary system, Senator Chuck Schumer gets so many things wrong, in so many ways, that I can’t get to it all in one post. I’ll stick, for now, to the most basic and pragmatic reason Schumer is wrong: the reform he trumpets wouldn’t achieve what he says… Read more »

What Republican Foreign-Policy Fight?

Kevin Drum asks: Honest question here. I’ve been wondering this for a while, but it crystallized last night after reading this Ross Douthat post about conservative foreign policy. My question is: Is there really a big foreign policy split in the Republican Party? Good question. Drum says that if this is simply a fight between… Read more »