Jonathan Bernstein

So What If Obama Talks About Himself?

The National Journal’s Ron Fournier theorized yesterday that the reason President Barack Obama is struggling is that he casts himself as the hero of his own story. In short, he talks too much about “I, me, my.” This is nonsense. The Fix’s Philip Bump did a quickie study and found that Obama doesn’t actually talk… Read more »

Nope, Republicans Aren’t an Endangered Species

About the politics of the so-called millennials, and specifically the question of whether they might turn conservative with age, Matt Yglesias muses in a nice item: “More interesting than asking whether people born in the 1990s will be voting GOP in the 2020s, I think, is asking what kind of a GOP it would have… Read more »

Obamacare Isn’t Hurting Democrats

Democrats received a bit of good news in two Marist/NBC Senate polls today showing Mark Udall in Colorado and Gary Peters in Michigan holding solid, though not especially large, leads. Throw these results into the polling averages, and Democrats appear to be ahead in both states. Neither race is a must-win for Republicans to get… Read more »

If Boehner Sues Obama, John Roberts Wins

The story on House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Barack Obama is pretty simple: regardless of whether the administration overstepped, what’s at stake is whether the courts are being empowered at the expense of the elected branches of government. For starters, there’s zero evidence that Obama has been unusual in his use of executive… Read more »

The Grim State of Statehouse News

If you really want to get depressed about democracy in the U.S., take a look at Reid Wilson’s summary of “The precipitous decline of state political coverage.” We’ve known that state and local news was the big loser in the new media landscape. But still, the Pew Research Center has a study showing that “the… Read more »