Jonathan Dworkin

Obama and the Kurds: A Frigid Marriage

In a recent campaign add run by Scott Brown, the former senator accuses President Obama of being “confused” about the threat ISIS poses. I first heard about this on NPR, and on the program it produced some counter-spin from E.J. Dionne, a guest on the show. “I think the president took a little bit out… Read more »

There is No American Strategy in Kurdistan

In his recent interview with Thomas Friedman the president was clear that he’s hesitant to “be in the business of being the Iraqi air force.” Since he is in that business, it’s fair to wonder how he got there. Commentators friendly to Obama, including Matt Yglesias, have taken the view that his desire to limit… Read more »

The Time for Kurdish Independence is Now

With the collapse of Iraqi military forces in Mosul last week the absurdity of America’s foreign policy towards Iraq has come into focus. We’re finding that we lack the two key requirements for a successful American withdrawal, namely the commitment to co-existence of Iraq’s leadership and the competence of the American-trained Iraqi army. The president… Read more »

Kurds as Liberals

Thank You. This will be my last post for the Washington Monthly. I want to thank Kevin Drum for taking interest in my trip to Iraqi Kurdistan and offering me a forum to discuss some of the issues it has raised. I also want to thank the readers of this blog, whose comments and e-mails… Read more »