Jonathan Rowe

The Coffee House Candidate

Campbell got fired. (His boss was syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage of “Savage Love” fame.) Cogswell asked Campbell to manage his campaign for the Seattle City Council. Zioncheck for President is the story of that campaign. It is not a campaign memoir in the usual sense. There is not much on strategy and issues, and… Read more »

The Freedom Tax

Taxes, lawyers, bureaucrats–it is acetylene to your ideological passions. Your outrage is in a white heat. Instinctively your mind sets to work on a polemical weapon with which to hack this beast to bits. The phrases start coming. The federal government is determined to crush the dreams of the honest and hard-working people. The liberals… Read more »

Gubernatorial Goldrush

Cannon’s good fortune is ours as well. Without the Davis recall, Governor ReaganThe book also is a pleasure. Cannon has covered Reagan since his first campaign for governor in 1966, and the result is biography that often approaches memoir. Cannon is present but not intrusive, a trickier task than one might think (vide Edmund Morris’s… Read more »

Maid to Order

Sunday is their day off. The mood seems high-spirited, festive almost. Most of these women work–and live–in small apartments under the hawk eyes of demanding bosses. They have little privacy and less free time. The park is an escape. Guest workers in a strange land, they have nowhere else to go. The discerning might note… Read more »

The Majesty of the Commons

Lawrence Lindsey, the White House economic advisor, hails the move as a “potent stimulus” and a big boost for the GDP. Alan Greenspan offers assurances that any inflationary effects will be minor. The rest of us, meanwhile, would feel stunned, and violated in a way that would be hard to express. Pay for air? What… Read more »