Jonathan Zasloff

Put Obamacare On the Table

Kevin Drum notes that Republicans insist on something called “entitlement reform,” but have no actual ideas about what this reform might mean (aside from getting rid of Medicare). So now they are insisting that President Obama make the first offer, which is a laughable position. The also insist on “putting Obamacare on the table”, which… Read more »

Time to Kneecap the Three Amigos

Okay, this is just getting stupid. Even after the CIA explained that Susan Rice was using intelligence-approved talking points, and briefed Senators on the fake-Benghazi scandal, the Nuevo Three Amigos (plus Amiga Nueva) are still not satisfied. Kelly Ayotte, in an attempt to “burnish” her foreign policy cred in preparation for 2016, has announced that… Read more »

The American Right Throws Israelis Into the Breach

At this writing, Middle East watchers are, well, watching to see if Israel and Hamas can reach a cease-fire. Signs are good, but pessimists are rarely disproved in the Middle East. There is little doubt that Jerusalem would like a genuine cease-fire. Even though the Israeli public strongly supports Operation Pillar of Defense, it is… Read more »

The Emergency Committee to Promote Bill Kristol

For the last 20 years, the Right has worked hard to convert support for Israel from an area of bipartisan consensus into a topic for Republicans to beat Democrats with. Even Washington’s most tepid disagreement with the Israeli government will be lept upon by right-wingers as an indication that the US is selling out the… Read more »

Bobby Jindal: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

At least so far. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been making a lot of loud noises lately, theoretically criticizing GOP plutocracy. A few days ago, he supposedly advanced a new conservative concern for the not-1% percent: “We’ve got to make sure that we are not the party of big business, big banks, big Wall Street… Read more »