Joshua Hammer

Peaced Out

Peter Beinart warns that American Jews must refocus on the democratic and humanitarian principles of Zionism before Israel becomes simply another despotic Middle Eastern state.

Party of God Knows What

Will Hezbollah remain a movement devoted to war with Israel or a pragmatic political player in Lebanon? That choice could determine the future of the Middle East.

Soldier of Good Fortune

n early May 1994, one month into the Rwandan genocide, I was driving down a mountain road in northern Rwanda when my car was overtaken by a speeding convoy. Curious, I followed the vehicles into a nearby compound, where I found myself the only correspondent at a meeting between Paul Kagame, chief of the Rwandan… Read more »

The Rebel Realist

n January 2001, toward the end of my stint in Germany as Newsweek‘s Berlin bureau chief, a decades-old series of photographs surfaced in the German magazine Stern and instantly became the talk of the country. The pictures showed the country’s charismatic, popular foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, clad in a motorcycle helmet and leather jacketpunching and… Read more »