Joshua Micah Marshall

Joshua Micah Marshall on radical Islam

Shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, Washington Monthly contributing writer Joshua Micah Marshall warned that liberal intellectuals, like their conservative counterparts, were overestimating their ideological enemies in the Middle East. ay you live, as the Chinese curse has it, in interesting times. For the last eighteen months, weve all been living in… Read more »

The Post-Modern President

George W. Bush has a forthright speaking style which convinces many people that he’s telling the truth even when he’s lying. But in under three years, Bush has told at least as many impressive untruths as each of his three predecessors. (See The Mendacity Index, p.27) His style of deception is also unique. When Reagan… Read more »


Democrats, who in 1997 weathered endless–and ultimately unproven–accusations of selling political favors or national security secrets for PRC money, can take a measure of satisfaction from this unlikely coda: The only bonafide Chinese spy so far turns out to have been not only a Republican, but a well-connected GOP fundraiser. And not just any Republican… Read more »