Joshua Tucker

Why Sit-Ins Succeed – Or Fail

In view of yesterday’s events in Egypt, I wanted to encourage writers to see Erica Chenoweth’s article at Foreign Affairs with the same title as this blog post from earlier this week. She writes: Civil resistance involves unarmed people using a combination of actions, such as strikes, protests, sit-ins, boycotts, and stay-away demonstrations, to build… Read more »

Obama Cancels that Summit with Putin

Yesterday the White House announced that President Obama would cancel his planned September summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Here are some thoughts on this decision from my colleagues at PONARS Eurasia: Kimberly Marten, Barnard College, Columbia University: Obama did exactly the right thing: a symbolic personal rebuff for a symbolic personal rebuff. Obama had made… Read more »

Vladimir Putin on his ‘American Partners’

“If he wants to go somewhere and they accept him, please, be my guest…If he wants to stay here, there is one condition: He must cease his work aimed at inflicting damage to our American partners, as strange as it may sound from my lips.” Vladimir Putin on Edward Snowden, in today’s NY Times. Not sure… Read more »

Afghanistan: What Went Wrong?

The following is the first in our series of collaborations with journals to feature guests posts from authors of recently published political science research in conjunction with ungated access to the article that is being discussed. The guest post is written by political scientist Roland Paris, of the University of Ottawa (@rolandparis). An ungated version… Read more »

Whither Nation Building? Lessons for Iraq, Syria, and Mali

The following guest post is provided by George Washington University political scientist Harris Mylonas, the author of the recently published  The Politics of Nation-Building  (Cambridge University Press, 2013).  The post originally appeared at e-IR. ***** In my book, The Politics of Nation-Building, I explore the reasons behind a state’s choice to assimilate, accommodate, or exclude ethnic groups within its… Read more »