Joshua Tucker

The European Union is Getting More Unpopular with Europeans

Pew has a very interesting new survey out on attitudes towards the European Union among citizens of eight EU countries. Here are a just a few of the more interesting results. First, attitudes towards the EU are getting worse. While there is always going to be some noise in these kind of data, the consistency… Read more »

Why Social Media Ain’t Like Real Media

This is the fake tweet (the AP twitter account was hacked) that yesterday caused the US Stock market to briefly lose $200 billion worth of value: While the market recovered afterwards, I take this as yet another reminder that social media are not merely mimicking functions played by traditional forms of media. This incident points… Read more »

Not Your Average Chechen Jihadis: Drawing the Wrong Conclusions About the Boston Bombing

Ever since the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were identified as ethnic Chechens, the national conversation about the incident seemed to focus on the connection between the violence and Chechnya. The two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, certainly lived in two places at once: in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in an imagined homeland in Chechnya… Read more »