Joshua Tucker

This Is Important: Not All Muslims in the Post-Soviet Region are Radical Islamists or Chechen Nationalists

Muslims in Russia are often alleged (most recently by President Putin) to be potential Islamists, ready to support the radical Chechen separatist project of establishing an Islamic state in the Caucasus. This article challenges this claim, which assumes that Muslims in Russia form a coherent group based on religious identity, and as such, share a… Read more »

Here’s One Way to Make Political Science Research More Accessible

Just finished up a very interesting discussion at the Midwest Political Science Association annual conference about ways we can continue to make political science research more accessible to wider numbers of people. With that in mind, I thought I’d share this animated video that Princeton University put together to promote an article entitled People Power… Read more »

Are North Korean Moves Irrational?

There is a larger game at work here that probably centers on the difficult-to-read domestic politics of North Korea. It is by no means assured that Kim Jong Un has fully consolidated his authority. By ramping up rhetoric, but exercising restraint with respect to actual military actions, the regime can count on the fact that… Read more »

Is the Estate Tax Doomed?

This is the question posed by political scientists Kenneth Scheve (Stanford University) and David Stasavage (New York University) in a post on the NY Times’ Opinionator blog.  They note: With income inequality at levels not seen since the 1920s, and low economic mobility, some liberals hope that in the coming years our lawmakers will face… Read more »