Joshua Tucker

It’s the Votes that Do It: How the Next Pope Will be Elected

In modern times, the College of Cardinals have been locked in the Sistine Chapel with the purported aim to divine the Will of God in the election of the Pope. Between 20 and 60 percent of cardinals vote for the same candidate throughout the conclave, depending on the length of the conclave. For those cardinals… Read more »

Vote for Pope!

University of Montreal political scientist Andre Blais sends along the following: A team of scientists has launched the website The website has two objectives: inform the public about the various electoral systems that exist in the world to elect state leaders, and collect data on voters’ behaviour under these systems.  We provide information about four… Read more »

White Smoke and a Black Pope: Is Turkson the Church’s Future?

According to the smart money, the odds favor the election of Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson as the next Pope, the first from Africa since Pope Gelasius I over fifteen hundred years ago. In the intervening years, several African candidates have attracted interest (Benin’s Cardinal Gantin, in 1978, and Nigeria’s Cardinal Arinze, in 2005), but none has ever been a front-runner… Read more »

How We Get the Next Pope

The pope has resigned. That’s it.  Don’t really have anything more to add at this point, just figured it might be a while before I ever get to write that again (e.g., maybe 600 years or so…). In the meantime a here are number of references for those looking for information on how popes are… Read more »