Julia Azari

The Fractured Left? Bernie Sanders, #BlackLivesMatter, and the Future of Liberal Ideology

The confrontation at Netroots Nation over the weekend has opened up lots of discussion about the relationship between the economically-oriented progressives in the Sanders camp and racial justice activists. If you haven’t already, you should definitely read Hans Noel’s post here on Mischiefs about ideology, activists and parties. I’m in broad agreement with Hans that… Read more »

The Trump and the Restless

Gage Skidmore/Flickr I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about Donald Trump. But Ron Fournier’s piece about Trump’s candidacy calls for a facts-infused response. Fournier claims that Trump’s candidacy signals “restlessness” in the electorate, specifically among protest voters. There are three main problems with this analysis: lack of specific data about citizens’ actual views and motivations;… Read more »

Jeb! Has Too Many Opponents

Jeb Bush, who formally announced his candidacy Monday, has to run against an expanding field of other Republicans. If he’s nominated he’ll eventually have to run against the Democratic nominee (presumably Hillary Clinton), of course. But he also has to decide how much of the race will be about running against Obama and the past… Read more »

Republican Candidates and the Iraq War

Last week wasn’t a great week for Jeb Bush. There’s now a famous college student in Nevada who confronted Bush over his brother’s foreign policy, and the presidential hopeful has been forced repeatedly to try to reconcile family loyalty with the evolution of public opinion on the subject of the Iraq War. Vox’s Jonathan Allen… Read more »