Julia Azari

Russ for Us? The Ambivalent Political Identity of Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold, who represented Wisconsin for three terms in the Senate before losing to Ron Johnson in 2010, announced yesterday that he will run for his old seat in 2016. This announcement was predictably greeted with progressive joy. But Feingold’s legacy and possible future as a liberal hero are complicated. At the heart of his… Read more »

What’s Wrong With Our Political Parties?

Taegan Goddard has effectively trolled the political science community today by contributing to the dangerous election genre of “third party/independent voter magic.” Lots of other political science bloggers here and elsewhere have already critiqued these claims on their empirical and philosophical merits. But Goddard’s arguments are hardly alone, and they have a long history in… Read more »

The Roots of Political Science Frustration

Jonathan Bernstein recently wrote up a compilation of things that political scientists can’t seem to get the people in their lives to believe. While the obvious solution to this is to sever all ties with non-political scientists, the kinds of issues that came up made me think about why we have so much trouble getting… Read more »

What’s In an Announcement?

This morning, political Twitter vibrated with anticipation of Hillary Clinton’s completely predictable campaign announcement. This morning, Philip Bump of the Washington Post tweeted, “In all seriousness, can we just pretend the announcement just happened? What will actually change?” Taken at face value, this is a pretty good question. What difference does an official announcement make?… Read more »